The Hero’s Journey Step 1: We Meet Our Hero

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4 min readJan 30, 2021

Please Allow Me To Introduce MySelf…

I’m pleased to meet you, and I hope you guessed my name…anywho, it’s Kelly Coop.

I‘m your average, down-to-earth, 47-year-old wife and mother from a small town in Kentucky. My awesome and talented husband, Mr. Coop, and I have been together for 27 years, almost all of them happy

We’re proud parents of two amazing young adults. Our daughter Hailey is 25, beautiful, both inside & out, and happily married to her fabulous husband, Tyler. They’re trying to start a family of their own. Our Gen Z’er Ridley just turned 18. Handsome, witty and too-smart-for-his-own-good, he’s starting to figure out his own journey. Now, we are empty-nesters before the age of 50! We’ve had a great life with priceless memories, lots of love, and plenty of bumps, bruises and learning lessons along the way. Your average family, living the average life, until a day in 2017 that would change the course of our lives forever.

Until that day, most people would’ve thought I was living the American Dream. A perfect family, steady job, amazing Disney vacations, a newly-purchased home in an ideal neighborhood, two Vdubs, adorable cats. But what people couldn’t see from the outside…is that I was dying on the inside.

Not because my home life was unhappy or because I was miserable in my marriage or job, but because I was not being true to my Self. Dressing in clothes I hated, wearing shoes I wasn’t comfortable in, doing a monotonous job, sitting behind not one, but TWO computer monitors, using nothing but the left side of my brain all day, every day, for an entire decade.

I was so desperate to fit in, to be accepted and to live up to the expectations of a society I didn’t feel I belonged to, that I forgot WHO I WAS. I was so busy PLAYING ROLES that I forgot how to be me. In Human Design, this is the DEFINITION of living as the “not-self.” I was living in a constant state of bitterness and suffering a severe case of The Martyr Syndrome. I was a victim of my own life! A life I had meticulously created for myself.

At a time when my coworkers were saying how “healthy” and “happy” I looked (as I stood there receiving my coveted “Employee of the Month” award); in reality I was consistently hungover from…